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Before handing over your keys

shouldn´t you know their rental history ?

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Make it easy on yourself by using a Tenant Watch agent

Welcome to Tenant Watch Spain

Tenant watch Spain is a group of professional agents working together to ensure the quality of tenants we rent to, thereby protecting ourselves and our owners

All registered agents have the ability to recommend good tenants who they would be happy to rent to again and also have the ability to warn other agents about a bad tenant’s history this provides us with very important information when qualifying a prospective tenant.

Tenant information is available to all participating agents and a quick search will bring up a tenants history good or bad.

Collaborating agents all display the tenant watch logo on their premises and the fact that bad tenants will be reported is reflected on the contracts signed by tenants again a powerful tool clearly informing tenants from the beginning that if they fail to uphold their contractual obligations that this information will be shared making it very hard for them to rent again in the area.

Bad tenants make a habit of moving around often, leaving debt or damage behind and simply move on to the next property when they have too much pressure or the utilities are disconnected due to non payment, they generally stay in the same area however due to jobs or children so play on the fact that the current Spanish rental market gives little protection to owners and agents and qualifying a tenant here is potluck,

Now with Tenant Watch Spain sharing this history the offending tenant will soon find it becomes difficult if not impossible to find accommodation without driving for hours or renting from an unlicensed agent.

Tenant Watch Spain is a win win situation for all,

Win for agents who have less chance of having to deal with this type of tenant,

Win for the properties owners because they have a better class of tenant in their property who will pay rent on time and respect the property and community they live in,

Win, for communities because these type of tenants have no respect for the norms in life and generally cause trouble for neighbours and the communities in general.

Positive reports of tenants are also encouraged due to making acceptance in a new property faster and the tenant can ask for a report from their listing agent if they leave Spain to go elsewhere in the world where references are required and renting without one may be very difficult.